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HF-2 19x8.5
HF-2 19x9
HF-2 19x9.5
HF-2 19x10
HF-2 19x10.5
HF-2 19x11
HF-2 20x8.5
HF-2 20x9
HF-2 20x9.5
HF-2 20x10
HF-2 20x10.5
HF-2 20x11
HF-2 20x11.5
HF-2 20x12
HF-2 21x9
HF-2 21x9.5
HF-2 21x10.5
HF-2 21x11
HF-2 21x11.5
HF-2 21x12
HF-2 22x9
HF-2 22x9.5
HF-2 22x10
HF-2 22x10.5
HF-2 22x11
HF-2 22x11.5
HF-2 22x12
HF-2 23x10
HF-2 23x10.5
HF-2 23x11
HF-2 23x12
HF-2 24x9
HF-2 24x10
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Hotline : 0902.393.913
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   About the HF-2
   The Vossen HF-2 Wheel, part of the Vossen Hybrid Forged Series, owes its aggressive, mesh aesthetic to its forged counterpart, the S17-01. Brushed Gloss Black and Tinted Matte Gunmetal are offered as standard finishes while 5 of the Vossen Forged solid finishes can be selected for a custom look and feel.





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